CoreHog™ Valve Stem Arbors


Our “valve” style Coreslicers are designed for machining concave and convex ­surfaces in honeycomb core. The two piece design consists of a solid carbide Coreslicer and a steel arbor.

CoreHog™ Valve Stem Arbors

PartShank DIAOALUse With
1CFA.500”3.500”1CS / 1CSC / 1CST
15CFA.500”3.500”15CS / 15CSC / 15CST
2CFA.500”3.500”2CFS / 2CFSC / 2CFST / 75MMCFS / 75MMCFSC / 75MMCFST
75MMCFA.500”3.500”75MMCFS / 75MMCFSC / 75MMCFST


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