Profiling Tools—Sandwich Panel Cutters


CoreHog™ solid carbide sandwich panel cutters were developed to allow finish cutting of composite honeycomb panels. This new design allows full depth cutting of panels at the fastest feed rates possible while minimizing issues of flagging and delaminating created by traditional cutters used in the industry. Recommended with materials such as carbon laminate with Nomex honeycomb and Kevlar honeycomb.

CoreHog™ tools are extensively tested on aircraft interior panels and found to virtually eliminate manual cleanup of parts after machining, while increasing cutting rates by up to 300% over conventional cutters. Specially selected coatings have been added to prolong tool life over standard carbide alone.

We stock many custom -configurations of rebating tools that are not listed above. Please contact our sales department to inquire.

Sandwich Panel Cutters

25SPC.250”.625”.2500”General Use (not for Tedlar)
25SPC-1.25.250”1.250”.2500”General Use (not for Tedlar)
250TED4CMPRTR1.13L3.0-C9.250”1.125”3.000”General Use
375SPC.375”.875”2.500”General Use (not for Tedlar)
375SPC-1.25.375”1.250”2.500”General Use (not for Tedlar)
5SPC.500”1.375”3.000”General Use (not for Tedlar)
25CFRD.250”.750”2.500”Heavy Duty
375CFRDL3.0.375”1.000”3.000”Heavy Duty
5CFRD.500”1.500”3.000”Heavy Duty
25CFRDCVD.250”.750”.2500”Extreme Duty
375CFRDCVDL3.0.375”1.000”3.000”Extreme Duty
5CFRDCVD.500”1.500”3.000”Extreme Duty


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